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Wholesale Lace wigs

Wholesale Lace Wigs The minimum quantity to qualify for a wholesale is 5 pieces or $1000(at least) at one time.

Welcome To our Wholesale Program! We wholesale to wig boutiques, beauty suppliers and other retailers or individuals interested in carrying our products. To get started please choose your account type and submit all requested following information below by fax, mail, or e-mail. It's time to buy wholesale lace front wigs and full lace wigs. In order to help you get on the road to riches, has initiated a wig wholesale department to benefit you!

We are supplying you with the following rules at production price.

1.We offer full lace wigs and lace front wigs in any style and color.

2.We will help you start and thrive in your Lace Wig Business most effectively.

3 Shipping date is 5 to7working days by EMS, DHLor ESPEED POST, mostly safe and punctual delivery.

4 You will get most competitive prices, which means your cost will be down sharply with our bulk orders.

5 Powerful backup of repairs or exchange or constructive suggestions on your business.

Why Should I choose Wholesale Lace Wigs? The excitement of wholesale lace wigs is the hottest trend happening in the professional salon industry right now. By joining our wholesale program you will now be able to offer your clients the best and latest in celebrity inspired lace wigs, offered at discounted prices! We guarantee your clients will thank you and they will come back again and again, - as the cash rolls in! Be the first in your area to promote these amazing lace systems and your profits will soar.

Receive current listings of stock lace systems that are available immediately. We maintain more than 200 + custom designed lace systems in stock available in various colors, styles, lengths and textures. These wigs can be shipped as soon as we can.

Receive custom made lace wigs that are being completed at our manufacturing facility. These are made available to you as stock units since these systems can be shipped to you within 7-10 business days from date of your confirmed order.

Create total "customized" lace wigs. You can create any style, color or system you desire. We can blend multiple colors of hair or create with highlights. There is virtually no limitations to YOUR CREATIONS. These units will be custom made to your specifications on the order form and will take 4-6 weeks to make and process. You can get the best, custom designed full lace systems delivered to your door the next day or you can order custom, quality made systems for your clients that will be delivered within 4-6 weeks. We deliver top quality, beautiful, full lace systems that will keep you and your clients coming back for more! We make you look like the professional you are by providing you with great systems while you can concentrate on making the money


The following is required to establish a Wholesale Account:
  • Business owner's name
  • Business name
  • Daytime phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Number of years in business
  • Copy of Seller's Business License (resale license)
  • Copy of Tax Exemption Certificate (only if establishment is in the state of Florida)
  • Personal Information (individual purchase): Name, E-mail address, telephone number.

Please fax, mail or e-mail your information to:

Please note that if you are sending your information via e-mail, you must attach scanned .jpg images of the required licenses and/or documents.